Mean Girls Broadway Tickets

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Cady Heron might have grown up within an African savanna, but nothing prepared her to the wild and barbarous methods of her odd new residence: suburban Illinois. How can this naïve newbie climb to the peak of the celebrity pecking order? However, if Cady devises a strategy to finish Regina’s reign, she learns the hard way you can not cross a Queen Bee without getting stung.

Created by Lorne Michaels, Stuart Thompson, Sonia Friedman, along with Paramount Pictures, Mean Girls gets into the humorous spirit of everything it means to become a real friend, a worthy nemesis, and most importantly, a human being. Get tickets today and be the first to view it on Broadway.

Unlike a few screen-to-stage adaptations, Mean Girls has adopted the chance to become its theatrical entity. Instead of securely transposing the screenplay on a point and shoe-horning in a couple of tunes wherever potential, the creative team has compiled a series which goes over and beyond its hugely popular source material. Tina Fey has updated the book with sprinklings of all post-2004, topical references that draw on the biggest laughs of the night, whilst director/choreographer Casey Nicholaw has assured that each opportunistic minute is brimming with dancing and movement. Whether its striking tableaus of those three”Plastics,” Damian’s welcomed tap variety or possibly a complete, lunch tray-brandishing musical series, Nicholaw gets the throw on its feet throughout. Additionally, Finn Ross & Adam Young’s scrapbook-esque media projections combined with Scott Pask’s sleek panoramic design allow smooth and quick scene changes and delve the viewer to the dangerous world of a teenage girl’s thoughts.